A great gift idea
for Vermont gardeners

Now available with the convenience of
secure online ordering.

  • Don't forget Mother's Day!
  • Or gardening Dads and Grads!
  • Available any time of year, in any amount

Pay for your plants early
and get 15% extra

A gift you can give yourself to get more plants for your money.

  • Buy between November 1 and April 15
  • Minimum card value $100
  • Get 15% extra value on your card
  • Plant Club includes 50% discount off our workshops

How it works

If you buy a card of at least $100 value between November 1 and April 15 you get 15% bonus value on your card. That means if you buy a card for $100 you get $115 worth of plants in the greenhouse!

Gift Cards and Plant Club can be used only at our Greenhouse – not at other locations selling our plants.

Do make sure to use your card before July 15th, as the end of our greenhouse season is right around then.

Greenhouse opens in the third week in April – hours are everyday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Set your own amount: $
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