Salad Club is Back!

Winter Salad Club

Find out more by going to our Online Store. $220 a Share, weekly greens from January 12th to March 30th, 2018.

Pea Shoots, ready to snip and eat. 

Pea Shoots, ready to snip and eat. 

Join us for 12 weeks this winter for our famous and beloved salad club. Members take home a weekly supply of living greens from our heated greenhouse. This is a great way to add vibrant, living foods to your winter diet and gives you a taste of many unusual and delicious salad greens. The greens are still growing and alive, and they come to you in a tray of two varieties each week.  If you don't eat them all right away, they can be kept alive in a sunny window or on your kitchen counter so that you can keep snipping and making salads for an extended period of time. Let your kitchen counter become a colorful salad bar. When one tray is finished, just bring it back to us and we will recycle the soil in our compost pile, sanitize the tray and re-use it.  Here are some of the varieties we grow for our salad club members: pea shoots, sunflower sprouts, Tokyo Bekana mustard, red giant mustard greens, mizuna, arugula, all sorts of lettuces and kales, and baby boc choi. 

Pick ups will be every Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm from January 12th to March 30th. If you cannot make a specific pick-up, alternate arrangements can be made.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.