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Cannabis Cultivation 101

Have you wondered about how to grow your own Cannabis plants but not sure where to start? Confused about the difference between THC and CBD? Or the terms hemp, cannabis, marijuana? Join Chad Donovan in our Red Wagon classroom space to demystify the process and to learn about the art of Cannabis cultivation .  For decades Cannabis cultivation has been a hidden practice of some, but now as the country’s view on cannabis is changing, plants are coming out of the literal closet and into the garden. For many, this is a new and exciting time. Join Chad as he answers your questions and concerns while guiding you on the path to your first successful harvest.  Seminar topics include; legality, plant physiology, cultivation, propagation, maintenance, fertilization, harvest, and processing/preserving.  This seminar will be loaded with information and quality handouts, however, please feel free to bring all and any questions that you have.  We will be using plants in this class that are classified as CBD strains. We will not be offering any plants or seeds for sale of THC strains.

$100 workshop fee includes hand outs, refreshments. CBD strains of hemp plants may be available for sale. These are strains that have been tested to have almost no THC (the psycho-active component of marijuana) and are used for medicinal purposes.