Red Wagon Herbs

During the summer, fall, and winter, Red Wagon grows culinary herbs that are sold to stores, distributors, and restaurants. Herbs are the easiest way to add flavor in the kitchen and we strive to provide our customers with herbs ten months out of the year by growing herbs in the ground, in a heated greenhouse, and in an unheated Haygrove tunnel. 

The true beginnings of Red Wagon Herbs arose when Julie was just fourteen years old, chopping and prepping herbs in the kitchen of her father's restaurant, Gerard's. Julie's love for herbs came to fruition when, at twenty years old, she grew an herb garden for the restaurant.  Later, as a vegetable farmer at the Intervale, Julie always grew herbs and herb plants alongside her veggies.  By 2005, Red Wagon Plants came to life as a wholesale and retail nursery focusing on edible plants for the kitchen garden and growing culinary herbs took a back seat for several years.  In 2013, Julie began the process of growing Red Wagon Plants' sister business, Red Wagon Herbs. Since then, it has been a great way to extend our season, has provided employment for Team Red Wagon members for many more months, and keeps all our hands in the dirt a little more.  Julie and her crew grow the herbs in 2 locations: at the Hinesburg greenhousesand at the beautiful Unity Farm in Charlotte, VT. 

From April through December, you can find herbs like Flat-Leaf Parsley, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Sage, Mint and more at the stores listed below. Check out our blog posts for ideas on how to use herbs in your everyday cooking. Or purchase a set of our Tiny Herb Series Booklets to help you get inspired! And take a look at our Herb Photo Gallery to feast your eyes. 

You can find our culinary herbs fresh at the following locations. Click to visit their website.

City Market/Onion River Coop, Burlington (both locations)

Healthy Living Market and Cafe, South Burlington

Shelburne Supermarket, Shelburne

Hunger Mountain Coop, Montpelier

UVM Dining Services, Burlington

Lantman's Market, Hinesburg

Intervale Food Hub, Burlington

Hannaford Supermarket, Hannaford Rd., South Burlington

Hannaford Supermarket, Dorset St., South Burlington

Farmers to You, Boston, MA

The Great Northern, Burlington, VT

Savouré, Bristol, VT

Farmhouse Chocolates, Bristol, VT

Miss Weinerz, Burlington, VT

Philo Ridge Farm, Charlotte, VT

Family Cow Farmstand, Hinesburg, VT (next to our greenhouses)

Trillium Hill Farm, Hinesburg, VT