Our plants are grown as simply as possible. We use living soils from Vermont Compost Company, water from our deep well,  seeds from the best suppliers (High Mowing Seeds, Johnny's Selected Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange are our main suppliers), lots of fresh air for ventilation, and an army of beneficial insects. Conventional greenhouses strive to create a sterile, sanitized environment. Organic greenhouses such as ours, aim for a clean, balanced ecosystem where good bugs do battle with bad bugs and where disease spores are eradicated by beneficial bacteria. 

Our methods are organic and most of our plants are certified organic. The only plants we grow that we cannot call organic are those that come to us as rooted cuttings from conventional greenhouses - some of our annuals, and most of our perennials fit in this category. Our edible crops are all certified organic and either grown from seed on the premises or from cuttings that originate in certified organic greenhouses. 

We are big fans of beneficial insects and use rigorous scouting practices. All the plants are checked once a week for pest problems and any issues are noted on maps. The beneficial insects are ordered and released according to the scouting plan. 

We start seeds for you every week from late February through mid-August. Our hope is that with fresh plants available all spring and summer your garden will be vibrant and bountiful for as long as our climate allows.