We seek to make your gardens thrive. The plants, our customers, our staff....it's a real love fest around here. Here's what people are saying....

“These are the healthiest plants, I have to tell you. The best I've found so far.”

“I got some hanging baskets here. They were small, but now they are huge and beautiful and healthy!  This is the first year I've shopped here and I love it—I'm trying to send as many people as I can your way.”

“Staff is so creative and has such good ideas.”

“I got mustard greens and chard from you a few weeks ago and I'm already eating it—it's delicious! I never even liked chard and I got your less bitter kind and it is oh-so wonderful!"

“Everything here looks perfect! Every plant looks like it could be a painting in a gallery."

“Staff is so helpful and they make it so pleasant here.”

“Oh, my god! It's plant porn!”

“It's always a great sign of Spring when you guys open.”

“There are some great herbs that you grow--I can only get them from you!”

“I have a sickness—I come here way too much. It's just such a nice place to be and the greenhouses are so beautiful.”

"Incredible place to get plants. The staff here are so knowledgeable! I've never purchased something here that did not thrive. Love this greenhouse and encourage all to support it."