Focus on Eric!

Eric building our pergola 

Eric building our pergola 

During our 10th anniversary season, we'll feature profiles of members of our amazing Red Wagon team. This week we interviewed Eric Denice, who’s our jack of all trades, maintaining our facilities, keeping our greenhouses running smoothly, and fabricating beautiful raised beds and retail displays. 

Like Allison Lea, you’re one of the longest term Red Wagon employees. How did you end up here? What keeps you here? 

I went to college for environmental studies but left after six months. I wanted to have my own little farm. When I was 20, I had a greenhouse in my backyard. I didn’t know a whole lot back then. 

I had known Julie for a while before I started working here. One day I was biking past Red Wagon, I popped in to say hello, and Julie said she needed [to hire] someone. The timing was right for me, and nine years later … 

What keeps me here? It’s a beautiful place, and I work well with Julie and learn a lot from her. The seasonal work fits well with my other jobs. And I’ve always loved plants.

What do you do at Red Wagon?

I build greenhouses, fix everything, do the plumbing and a little bit of electric. I build our retail displays and benches. I set up systems, like our computerized irrigation system.

I started out doing wholesale deliveries and customer service. This is the first year I'm not doing deliveries.

I have my own business in greenhouse construction and residential carpentry.

Are there any special projects you’re particularly proud of?

Well, I built the two 150-foot greenhouses out back, and I set up their computer-controlled overhead irrigation system. Working for Red Wagon, I’ve built greenhouses all over Vermont.   

What are your favorite Red Wagon plants?

We grow so many plants now – it’s really incredible. I like everything, especially our kale and tomatoes.  

What’s your home garden like?

We have raised vegetable beds and a perennial garden. It’s a lot harder to maintain a perennial garden after having a child!

How have you been reflecting on Red Wagon’s 10th anniversary year?

I’ve learned a lot at Red Wagon. Julie runs the business really well. For example, I’ve gained a lot of customer service skills, and learned how to work with people on a professional level. I’ve learned the importance of being really thorough and detail-oriented. How to think through all my projects completely. How to make things so they last – always keeping the long-term in mind.