Field Trip

Every winter, I try to have a field trip to at least one greenhouse business to see how other people do things. This time, I am heading off to Peace Tree Farm, Candy and Lloyd Tavern's very impressive and large operation in Buck's County, PA. I hope to get a chance to see their  very efficient systems at work. They are growing organic herb plants along  as part of their operation, and I can't wait to see it all and ask lots of questions. I first met Lloyd at a conference a couple of years ago and was really impressed with his vast knowledge of all things mechanical when it comes to greenhouse production. Our operation at Red Wagon Plants is not at all mechanized. .... everything we do is by hand, from filling the pots, to watering, to seeding, and carrying trays to the truck. Larger operations use machines for many of these tasks, and I avoid these machines because we are too small to warrant the cost, and I am a first class techno-phobe. Things just break if I come near them. So in an effort to get over some of my fear of machinery, I'll visit Lloyd and Candy and will be grateful for their kind exposure to greenhouse robotics.  Photos to come!