Snow and greenhouses

Snow removal is a big part of greenhouse maintenance in the winter. Our greenhouses are really strong, made from tubular steel, engineered by Harnois, up in Quebec, and can handle a big snow load. The problem though, is once the snow slides off, it has to be cleared away from the sides so that more snow can slide off. If it builds up too much on the sides, it can put uneven pressure on the frame, and when another heavy snow falls, the uneven pressure combined with the added weight of the snow load can cause a problem. We have a snow blower to do this, but when it gets to be too much, we call in Roger Parker, a neighbor and all around helpful person who has an excavation business and owns every great piece of large equipment a person could want. His tractor and huge rear-mounted snowblower fits in between the greenhouses just fine and they can clear away the big snow piles in a few passes. It sure beats shoveling!

From the Valentine's Day blizzard of 2007