Winter Work

Every day, I try to work a little and play a little. And come fall and winter, it is always a little bit of a challenge to find the right balance. I try to learn some new skill every winter and usually find a topic to study with a friend or two. This winter the skill is social media as a business tool - hence this blog and Red Wagon Plants presence on Facebook and Twitter. I am reading many interesting food blogs and a few homesteading and farming blogs, using Google reader to stay updated on these issues. It doesn't really feel like work, but I sense my slow passage up the learning curve and hope it translates into increased relationship with customers. Having a business that is only open to the public 2 months out of the year means that I spend 10 months not hearing from customers. My biggest goal with internet communication is to hear from customers more regularly throughout the year, and to track the progress of our plants.  So please, let me know. - Julie