The Past Few Weeks in Photos - June 5, 2013

There is nothing quite like stepping out into the early morning of a sunny day. Everything glitters as though it were coated in diamonds, and the plants look so fresh and thirsty for the day to begin. Just as after a heavy snowstorm the shapes of the plants are exaggerated, so are they on a summer morning, when the shadows are deep enough to fall into and their texture stands out in sharp relief. Here are some images from one such morning in our garden...

I have decided that if the vegetables were to have a beauty contest, eggplant would win.

Dew on the Spinach

Lacinato Kale

The rosy blush of French Breakfast Radishes


Chicory standing at attention

Red cabbage seedlings

Your source for little known herbs! This is Red Shiso, a cinnamon and clove-flavored herb often found in sushi

Rue, the "herb of grace"

Valerian, the herbal medicine chest

White Sage, a plant that grows wild in California and is tied up into smudge sticks

These cute succulents make great patio and houseplants

This year we have some really beautiful perennials, like hibiscus, featuring dinner plate-sized flowers

'Hot Papaya' Echinacea

'Strawberry Flair' Iris

'Banana Cream' Shasta Daisy

'Raspberry Regal' Coral Bells

And Eric built us this beautiful shade structure to house them in!

Here he is putting on the finishing touches: a slatted roof!

One of our insect friends sampling the Saponaria and Korean Lilac


~ Sophia