This Week in Photos - May 16, 2013

One of our friends came into the greenhouse today and said to me, "Well! The retail house is like a hive of industrious bees!" We are blessed by a hard-working, talented and productive crew that come to work smiling, rain or shine to bring healthy plants out into the world. But more than that, I've been realizing, we come to work to connect, to talk and share our stories, to laugh and feel a part of a community. And what a community we have! When hundreds of plants and the people that care about them come together, something amazing happens - neighbors who have never met before become friends, old and young teach and help one another, and children receive their first few seeds of plant knowledge. It seems that among the many important roles of plants (like turning CO2 into oxygen and feeding us) they also act as glue for our community, cementing it and making it strong.  





















Hooray for warm weather and sunshine!


Happy gardening,